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Sept. 28 - Opening and Welcome

Prof. Yuqin Chen
Prof. Gang Zhao on the speech of welcome
Prof. Paul Nissen on the introductory review
Prof. Birgitta Nordström on her speech
Prof. Ji Li on his talk
Miss. Shu Liu was inviting questions & comments

Sept. 28 - Sight Seeing Tour to Beijing Olympic Park

Main Stadium of Beijing Olympic Park, also know as "Bird's Nest"
Nissen & Aoki are talking happily
J.Li, Z.Li & Ren are enjoying their time in the Bird's Nest
Inside the "Water Cube" natatorium
Franchini, Morossi & Tan in the Water Cube

Sept. 28 - Banquet for celebration of 70th birthday of Prof. Paul Nissen

People are signing their names before banquet
Asplund & Y. Chen on the banquet
Nissen's cutting cakes
Nissen & Chen
P. Nissen
Nissen & Zhao
Nissen, Chen & Zhao

Sept. 29

Discussion during the coffee break
Discussion during the coffee break
Sara Lucatello
Jianrong Shi
Huawei Zhang
Zhixia Shen

Sept. 30

Gang Zhao
Yongheng Zhao
Johannes Andersen
Birgitta Nordström

Group Photo


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